Sysware News

November 2011

Sysware received operational acceptance for sucessfully implemeting the project Supply and Installation of Standard Software, Hardware, Upgrades and Extensions for the Information Integrated System of the Administration of the Social Benefits System - SAFIR within the Social Inclusion Project, managed by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, National Agency for Social Benefits - Romania.

September 2011

Sysware becomes partner for Romania of Nicon (Grecia) for promoting IP PBX management software in Romania.

June 2011

Sysware becomes partner for Romania of Olisoft for promoting Digital Signage solutions on the local market

April 2011

After the decision of Altec Group, Sysware will have the responsability to enter in the IT market of the Republic of Moldova based on the products and solutions of the group and the cooperation with local partners.

February 2011

Sysware signed with VMWare an enterprise partner agreement.

January 2011

Sysware becomes Oracle Gold Partner.

January 2011

Sysware in partnership with Romtelecom and after negociection with the World Bank and the Ministry of Commununication extended for one year the services and technical support for the KEP project witch is covering 199 communities all over the country.

November 2010

Sysware signed the biggest projects in the telecom sector with Romtelecom, in the value of 1 400 000 EUR based on an IBM platform.

September 2010

Sysware signed an partnership with LocoTel SA (Greece) to represent in the Romanian Market the electronic platform for SMS created by them. The target market reffers to all the entities (banks, private companies) who need cheap communication for any reason.

June 2010

Sysware signed an agreement with Olivetti for exclusive representation for all the products and services for the Romanian Market.